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Corporate Travel Days( Mobile Travel Fairs)

New England Tourism Center offers this exciting project to help draw Montreal traveler’s right to you!

  • Tourism Center is pleased to once again offer this exciting project that will help draw Montreal traveler’s right to you!  This is a great way to get into the corporate markets and target the people that have the means and motivation to travel!  This is a small amount to pay for what you could be getting in return.
  • Following the success we have had over the past few years, our corporate promotions have been one of our most successful programs to date and we are expanding this program to include new companies, new markets, and new exposure for you!
  • Our Staff will represent you and distribute your information into the hands of hundreds of potential travelers through this 3 day promotion and for those employees who could not make it to meet with us directly we will get their attention by emailing them, thousands of them, via company wide databases, your valuable information, company/region’s websites and unique travel discounts to attract them even more!
  • Companies that have participated in the past and could include but not limited to: Merck Frost, Epicor, Provigo, Pratt & Whitney, 3M, Phillips  etc.
  • This an exclusive opportunity for New England Tourism Center clients to present product rates and distribute brochures and offer discounts incentives to thousands of higher income earners and executive level employees at major corporations in Montreal. Should you wish to join us in person, you are welcome to do so; however this opportunity is limited and varies by location and will be offered on a first come first served basis. Should you wish to attend in person, in addition to the applicable fees you will also be asked to provide a prize (~ $75.00++ value) to be entered in a draw for the employees at each location. Alternatively, the New England Tourism center is able to provide your organization with representation.
  • This an ideal opportunity to entice these employees with ideas for their upcoming weekend, leisure and even corporate travel needs. The timing of this program is ideal for peaking their interest during 2 crucial times of year: June when the employees are starting to think of their summer vacation plans, and November when the employees are making their winter vacation plans.


Spring / Summer - Corporate Travel Days at 2 Different Companies          June 2018         Distribution of collateral and /or representative attending

Fall / Winter - Corporate Travel Days at 2  Different Companies              November 2018     Distribution of collateral and / or representative attending


This is a great way to get into the corporate markets and target the people that have the means and motivation to travel!


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