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Vermont welcomes you for an open exploration of its peaks and valleys – as they reveal a world of small farms, bustling villages, peaceful pastimes and outdoor pursuits. Come to rest, rejuvenate and play – and definitely, come hungry.

Stories from Vermont:

Vermont Byways: The Best Route to "Meet" Vermont

There’s a network of roadways in Vermont that hug the mountains, delve into diverse landscapes and meet at the heart of downtowns. These are the roads through Vermont’s peaks and valleys that beckon you to slow down and open the windows to breathe it all in. Vermont’s 10 designated scenic byways range from 30 to 400 miles and include outdoor recreation as well as shopping, galleries and historic sites. Learn more at

Vermont, the Healthiest State, is an Outdoors and Sports Paradise

Vermont is repeatedly ranked the Healthiest State in the U.S. From its chiseled farmers to Olympic skiers and ample outdoor opportunities, it shows. Home to 223 mountains, its landscape is 76% forested. The variety of trees and especially the abundance of maple trees, produce Vermont’s beloved fall foliage red and orange vistas. Home to the nation’s oldest through-hiking trail, the Long Trail’s 273 miles welcome international hikers annually. Boaters and swimmers enjoy more than 7,000 miles of rivers and 800 lakes and ponds. With more than 50 ski areas, Vermont is the top visited and most established skiing destination in the Eastern U.S. There’s also an ultra-marathon, adventure race, bike ride or yoga festival for all athletic appetites....Read More.

Culinary Vermont: Food and Farm Tours Enrich Every Visitor’s Experience

Exploring Vermont’s food scene is a main ingredient on most visitors’ “To Do” list. Vermont holds its cheesemakers, sugarmakers, dairymen and women, brewers and vintners in the highest regard. Vermont’s small towns are full of big flavor and connects you to 400 Vermont food, wine and brew experiences and trails around the state. Learn more at

Vermont Welcomes LGBT Travelers

Vermont’s progress on LGBT equality is historic. It’s the first state to legally recognize gay couples when it created civil unions, and it’s the first state to pass marriage equality through the legislature. Vermont continues to be an advocate and a four-season LGBT travel destination. Whether LGBT travelers are looking for a romantic, relaxing or adventurous getaway, they quickly discover why Vermont is the small state with a big heart. Read More.

Vermont’s Top 10 Civil War Sesquicentennial Exhibits and Events

Top 10 events and exhibits are selected annually and are chosen for their efforts to bring to life Vermont’s Civil War experience with history from the homefront and battlefield. The “Vermont and the Civil War Visitors Guide” describes 46 places to visit, including New England’s best documented stop on the Underground Railroad, the factory where the gun milling machines that armed the nation were produced, and the resort where Mary Lincoln and her children summered in 1864. Read More.

Vermont Debuts a Statewide African American Heritage Trail

Vermont has a strong history of firsts. Vermont was the first to abolish slavery in its constitution, and it was the first state to enroll and graduate a black student, who went on to serve in state legislature. The new Vermont African American Heritage Trail includes 10 sites that explore museums and exhibits where films and tours illuminate the lives of African Americans for whom the Green Mountain State played an integral part of their lives.  Read More.


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